All films are in italian language,expect some which shall be with subtitles in italiano.They will be in high quality resolution.If you would like to request a film you have to e-mail me.My email is in the Rules & Contact US topic.Thank you....Have a nice view....
(Filmat jane te gjithe ne italisht,me perjashtim te disave qe do te jene anglisht por me titra italisht.Filmat do te jene te nje cilesie te kerkoni ndonje film partikolar mjafton te dergoni nje e-mail.E-mail-i ndodhet ne temen Rregullat & Kontaktimi me ne.Shikim te kendshem...)

Batman - The Dark Knight


Funeral Party
Title: Death at a Funeral
Country: Germania, Regno Unito, U.S.A.
Language: Italiano
Year: 2007
Sort: Commedia, Drammatic

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I'm Legend

L'incredibile Hulk 2

Meet The Spartans

Step Up 2

The Cave


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